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Chairman- Head of Directors

Born on 1967 Pokhara-25, Hemja; Kaski.

Mr. Bhandari is an esteemed Chairman in the tourism industry of Nepal, with over three decades of experience. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Education (B.Ed.) in 1985 and has since been actively involved in delivering services in the tourism sector. During his career, he has served as the President of NAATA Regional Chapter and was one of the founders of the Regional Chapter of NATTA in Gandaki Province of Nepal. He also led VITOF-Nepal as President, establishing the organization nationwide during 2010-2012. Currently, he is the Chairman of "Paryatan Sahayatri Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited," which he co-founded in 2009 to enhance financial activities within the tourism industry.

Mr. Bhandari owns two companies in the tourism sector, namely "Bhandari Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd." and "Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd." Since 1989, he has provided tour packages, ticketing, and ground transportation for inbound tourists from abroad. His passion for adventure tourism is evident in his promotion of heritage, natural, and cultural tourism sites alongside it. He has obtained IATA ticketing training, National Tourist Guide Training, and several marketing and promotional training in the tourism field. Recently, he has been certified for the Training of "Access to Green Financing" from IFC, promoting Green/Eco-tourism to mitigate the impact of global climate change.

Mr. Bhandari is an accomplished traveler and has participated in several tourism expos and sales missions for business expansion and promotion. Under his leadership, his company has received several awards, including Top Five peak selling companies in Nepal, and was ranked No. 1 in the fiscal year 2015/16. Despite being the Chairman, he sometimes serves as the Trekking Guide or the Tour Guide, completing several trekking routes and tour itineraries himself. He enjoys traveling, taking photos, writing travel notes, and reading books and newspapers. He is known for his amicable personality and leadership skills, leading his employees without hassle and rewarding them for their commendable work.



Director-International Focal Person

Born on 1985 Pokhara-25, Hemja; Kaski.

Mr. Sapkota holds a significant position as the second most valuable individual in our company. Although he presently resides in Australia on a temporary basis, his fund investment in the company and international relationships are integral to expanding our market areas and enhancing our service quality. He serves as our focal point for internal relations and connectivity within the company, as well as for drawing Non-Residential Nepalese tourists to our adventure and entertainment tourism activities. His subtle leadership and strategic planning have contributed to our company's revenue growth. His extensive network of connections with Non-Residential Nepalese (NRN) and individual clients residing in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and several European countries, are highly valuable to our company.



Director: Online Promotion & IT Management

Born on 1995 Pokhara-25, Hemja; Kaski.

Miss Shristi Bhandari is a young and experienced professional in the field of online promotion and IT management. She has been working for Snowy Horizon Treks Expedition Pvt. Ltd. for almost six years and has been playing a vital role as a Director. She handles her responsibilities with a great sense of justice and listens to other people's opinions. She thinks twice before saying anything. She has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, but she is now deeply interested in tourism activities and entrepreneurship. She has participated in leadership and marketing training, and trekking guide training. She plans to further her knowledge in this field. She summited Mera Peak (6476m) on 26/10/2023 and is still planning her future adventures. She is also in charge of the office duties in the absence of the Chairman. She works on the website management and IT development of the office. She has excellent communication skills, which enable her to convey her message in the proper form.



Online Promotion

Born on 2001 Kathmandu

Mr. Shishir Bhandari has started working in Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. recently and has been playing a vital role in the field of online promotion and IT management of the company and is very well handled. He has completed his bachelor’s in IT in terms of his formal education. And, now he is involved in the field of tourism activities and entrepreneurship. He is responsible for all the ads and promotions of the company. He works for the website management of the office and content writing/editing side by side with Miss Shristi Bhandari.